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My HostGator Review

My 7+ year long review of HostGator

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Updated 4 Feb 2015
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HostGator Review


Current Rating of HostGator based on experiences as detailed below.

Pricing: 4 out of 5 (Not the cheapest shared host around)
Support: 5 out of 5 (Probably the best in the industry)
Reliability/Uptime: 5 out of 5 (Pretty much 100%)
Billing & Accounts 4 out of 5 (had a problem with credit card that was declined which took a while to resolve)

It has been 7 years! - 5 Feb 2015
Well it's been a year since I updated this page but as of 22 December 2014 this review has been online for 7 years. My shared, reseller and VPS accounts are going fine. I am however looking around for a new Dedicated Server provider. When my dedicated server came up for renewal this year I was not offered a 20% discount for paying upfront for the year. That signficantly increases the cost of my dedicated server with HostGator and I have seen better deals out there. I am slightly reluctant to leave simply because of the fact that I have not had any problems with HostGator's dedicated service however in this case price may be a deciding factor. I'm going to do my research over the next couple of weeks and I will update this review once I decide which way to go.

So my current recommendation would be a big yes to shared, reseller and VPS but a maybe for Dedicated Server's from hosting due to pricing, service is still excellent.

And remember to use coupon code "thecrazygator" for 25% off.

HostGator 20% Off Sale : Don't get tricked - 10 Feb 2014
HostGator is currently having a 20% off sale, when you checkout the coupon code 'Snappy' will be in the coupon box. To get 25% off all you have to do is change that coupon code to 'crazygator25'. Another thing I just wanted to alert you to is that the price that HostGator advertises their plans for is for a 36 month term. For example the Hatchling plan is $3.96/mo on the 36 month term and $5.56 on the 1 year term. What term you take is going to be dependent on your current cash-flow position and your website needs. However, if you have the cash flow you can definitely save a significant amount by going for the 36 month term.

6+ years: Is this the longest review of HostGator on the web? - 25 Jan 2014
So on 22 December 2013 this review turned 6 years old! I was just thinking that this must be one of if not the longest HostGator review out there. It all started when I was getting frustrated with web hosts and needed a reliable host for the customers of my web design business. I am glad that this review has been useful to others as well. Around the time I started this review I also started moving my customers to HostGator. I have just recently added another VPS account on HostGator along with a dedicated server, reseller service as well as multiple shared hosting accounts.

Review update & coupon still valid - 12 June 2013
This HostGator review has now been going for over 5 years now, I'm pretty sure that must be breaking some type of record for the longest ongoing review. Must get that checked out with Guiness Book of World Records or something. During this time I am have increased the number of websites I host on HostGator, both my own and client websites. I now also run a dedicated server and reseller hosting service through HostGator. My experiences have generally been great. I had a bit of a hiccup while migrating from a virtual private server to a dedicated server which resulted in my websites going down for about 4 hours (this was about 2 years ago) but apart from that no real problem.

I have also just checked that the 25% off coupon is still working, if you want to use it, during checkout just use the code "thecrazygator".

20% Sale - But the coupon is better - 9 November 2012
I have noticed that HostGator is currently offerring 20% off their plans. Just a word of advice, you will get better value by using the 25% Off coupon "thecrazygator". Unfortunately you can only use HostGator's normal 20% off or this coupon, you can't use both at the same time.

Hostgator VPS switched to Dedicated - 6 November 2012
It's been a busy couple of weeks and I have an interesting HostGator experience to share with all of you. For one of my other websites I run a shopping cart (Magento) with about 2000 products. I was hosting that website on a VPS from HostGator, about 1 month ago the website stopped working and it seemed to be caused be a rogue script in the installation which was draining the CPU resources from other websites. HostGator subsequently disabled that script and hence my website. They did notify me immediately. I got my developer onto it and the HostGator staff were very good in communicating with him to sort out the issue. After the issue was resolved and talking to my developer we decided to go for a managed dedicated server with HostGator. The decision was based on many factors but the key factor that influenced my decision was the site load time. The transition is now complete and the hostgator managed dedicated server is awesomely fast. They also very quickly moved my website over to the new server without any charge or fuss.

New 25% OFF and other coupons - 5 August 2012

I have just come across an awesome new coupon. If you use the coupon code "thecrazygator" you will receive 25% off your hosting. You can alternatively use " thecrazygator2" for $9.94 off your order. Depending on what length plan you are signing up for, you will have to use the appropriate coupon. These are undoubtedly the best HostGator coupons I have seen out there at the moment.

Interesting Support Stats - 9 June 2012
I just found these stats on HostGator's blog and was quite blown away. In the month of May 2012 HostGator support staff responded to 142,150 chats, 76,409 calls and 179,990 tickets! These are absolutely huge numbers and it is great to see a hosting company who is able to grow effectively without sacrificing support quality or responsiveness.

New Unlimited Windows Hosting Plan - 5 May 2012
Hostgator has been quite a reputed brand for some time now in the Linux Shared Hosting market but it seems now they are making waves in the shared windows hosting market as well with the launch of an unlimited windows plan which is $4.76/mo for a single domain or a very competitive $14.36 for their five domain version.

HostGator Special Now on Website- 2 January 2012
It now seems that the coupon I talked about below is being automatically when you go to the HostGator website . If you cannot see the 20% discount then use this link and use the coupon code "SPRING". Their system will then tell you that this is the most valuable coupon. (i.e. you don't have to search for more).

HostGator Coupon Code - 14th November 2011
I have just come across a coupon that you can use to get 20% off your first payment. Use coupon code "SPRING" at the time of signup. With the 20% off it is probably more economical to sign up for at least 12 months, the monthly prices with 20% off are below:

1 month - $7.16/mo
12 months - $5.56/mo
24 months - $4.76/mo
36 months - $3.96/mo

HostGator Integrates CloudFare- 10th November 2010
HostGator has just announced that they have integrated cloudfare for all shared hosting customers and will be rolling it out to cps, reseller and dedicated customers in the near future. This makes HostGator the first web hosting company to integrate cloudfare which is a technology that has the effect of on average improving load times by 30%. It does this by by acting as a content delivery network and serving cached copies of your static files from a proxy which is closer to your website visitors. Cloudfare acts as transparent filtering proxy, sitting between your site and it’s visitors, it also blocks hackers and spammers from attacking your site. This is certainly an excellent service for HostGator customers and I hope my website visitors enjoy the 30% improved loading times!

HostGator Stats - 4th October 2010
It's nearly been 3 years that this website has been hosted with Host Gator now. I am yet to experience any problem with the hosting and this Host Gator review is not as eventful as I thought it may have been. At the time of beginning this review I thought I would write all about my interactions with HostGator customer support and other dealing with them. However, I have had none of these as nothing has arisen. It's good for HostGator customers, not so good for the updating of this blog. Also, Host Gator has just reported that they received 26,000 new sign ups in August! That is a huge number. It also seems that Host Gator will soon start doing domain registrations at a price cheaper than GoDaddy but at a much better service level. Below are some more Host Gator stats for September which I got from their customer newsletter:

Domains Hosted: 4,407,088
Total Data Hosted: 969.16 TB
Emails Received: 509,431,631
Emails Sent: 401,123,432

HostGator Hidden Secrets- 22 July 2010
Today is all about a few features of HostGator that I have found very useful over the past few years with Host Gator. Some of these features didn't exist when I started this review site in December 2007. The first of these is HostGator's free move service. If you currently have a hosting account with another company HostGator will transfer all your files, domains, databases and scripts to their servers totally free of charge. A couple of months ago I signed up for a reseller account with HostGator and used this service, the process was absolutely painless and they managed everything and saved me probably a whole day of my time.

Another great service that HostGator has is their "Tenplates". They have an amazingly huge collection of website templates available to their customers. I was stunned by the range at . In fact they have 4450 high quality website templates. I strongly suggest trying to find a template there before dishing out $1000+ for a web designer to do your website. The designer can use the HostGator template and just customize is which will be alot cheaper than getting it designed from scratch.

If there are any other suggestions that you would like to see me discuss on this HostGator review please do let me know.

HostGator Comparisons Update - 16 December 2009
I have just added a few more comparisons of HostGator and other hosts. It's good to see that HostGator's Winter coupon of 20% off is still available. I probably won't be making another update till after Christmas, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

HostGator 20% Off Coupon - 4 December 2009
I was just browsing through HostGator's website and noticed that they have introduced a 20% off winter coupon which expires on January 1st. To get the 20% off, all you have to do is go to their website and while checking out, put in the coupon code "SNOWMAN". This is a great saving if you're looking to sign up with HostGator.

Also I have received some e-mails from people saying thanks for this website and the information about HostGator. I know it's hard to find a good host and even harder to find reliable reviews of hosting companies. I hope I provide that and I greatly value any comments or suggestions that you may have to make this HostGator review more useful.

HostGator Review Update - 3 December 2009
First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in updating this review. The best thing is that I haven't updated this review because I haven't had any problems with HostGator. My philosophy of a good hosting company is that a host is good if you never have to think about them. It should be a granted that your site will always be online (or at least 99.9% of the time). That is what HostGator has done for me. I now have 12 websites hosted on HostGator, including some client websites and I have yet to experience any problem with them.

New HostGator Coupon Code & Plans - 5 March 2009
It's been a couple of months since I updated this review of HostGator. HostGator now has a coupon code which they have titled St. Patrick's Special. To get the 20% discount you just need to type in "LUCKY" in the coupon code box when you go to sign in. I also just noticed that hostGaor has recently improved their plans. All shared hosting plans now come with unlimited bandwidth and diskspace, it seems HostGator has followed the trend in recent months for web hosts to offer unlimited space and bandwidth. With the leaps in bandwidth availability and storage systems this has now become a reality. Even HostGator's "hatchling plan" for only $4.95/mo comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Check it out

HostGator's Winter Sale - 2 January 2009
HostGator has extended their "Green" sale and converted it into a "Winter" sale. You get the same 20% off. It seems HostGator is following the industry trend of dicscounting hosting packages in these harder economic times. Everything else has been going well with my hosting experiences with Hostgator and I will continue to keep this review updated into 2009.

HostGator Goes Green & Celebrates with 20% off - 18 November 2008
As is the trend with many of the leading hosts these days, Hostgator has "gone green". HostGator's servers are now 130% wind powered, this basically means they have purchases renewable Energy Credits which represent 130% of the electricty used to power and cool their servers. This is a great initiative they are taking and hopefully other web hosting companies will follow suit. It certainly makes me feel good that hosting my site is not contributing to climate change. For new customers, HostGator is celebrating with a 20% off coupon. When signing up, you just have to use the coupon code "Green" to get 20% off. Makes me jealous, but with 20% off and HostGator's great reliability, speed and support and now a environmentally responsible company. HostGator is well positioned to take a leading position in the hosting market. For more details on HostGator's green policy see the "Gone Green" section on .

HostGator Review Update After a while - 14 October 2008
Well it's been a while since I last updated this review, but I guess that's a good thing. Everything is perfect with HostGator and I haven't had any issues with their service. All in all, it's exactly what I want from a host. If I'm not thinking about my host, it's certainly a good thing.

HostGator Reliability, Rankings, Uptime & Experiences - 24 July 2008
In an effort to makes this HostGator review as informative as possible I have added some new pages which talk about HostGator's reliability, rankings, uptime and other people's experience with HostGator. Hopefully you'll find these interesting. My hosting experience with HostGator is going very well and just 2 days ago I decided to use HostGator's template database for a new website design. I must say I was certainly spoiled for choice, the categories of HostGator's designs are very very detailed.

New Info Pages Added - 8 May 2008
I have added a few more informational pages about HostGator and the plans they offer. Hopefully the extra information will make this HostGator review more complete. But so far everything has been going great with HostGator. One thing that I only recently discovered was the that HostGator offers free templates to hosting customers. These aren't just any crappy templates, they are extremely professional templates and HostGator has about 4,500 of them which they are offering to customers. These tempates and teh range is as good as many of the paid template sites. This is certainly a huge positive about hosting with HostGator as you can potentially save $100's on a design. Hmmmm! maybe I should use on of those templates for this site.

HostGator Review Update - 18 April 2008
Well it's been nearly 4 months now since I signed up for a plan with HostGator and have been updating this review. So far things have been going great. I haven't had any problem with the hosting and haven't had any downtime. I was just looking at their website, it seems they have a 20% off deal. It's their Spring Special. All you have to do is use the coupon "SPRING" on their order page. This is a great incentive to join HostGator, even at normal price they were great, now with the discount I'm convined that you won't find better value in a hosting company.

I have also added some pages to this hostgator review, namely I have added the Bandwidth, Domains and Plan pages. Hopefully that should give you some more important details about HostGator before you signup with them.

HostGator Datacenter & Support
I've added some details about Hostgator's datacenter located in Dallas. Also have made a summary of the Support options that HostGator offers. Hostgator has a reputation for having excellent and knowledgeable support staff. Their live chat feature is also very useful. Otherwise everything is going well with Hostgator.

HostGator Signup Process
Well it's time to signup for my hosting account for this domain. I've decided to go for the Hatchling package which will give me 350GB Diskspace and 3,000GB Bandwidth all for $4.95/month. This is excellent value for money. Most other hosts have similar packages for at least $7.95/mo. In the first step of HostGator's signup process you have an option to either register a new domain or use your existing domain. As I have already registered my domain I opt to use HostGator's transfer option which means I just have to change my nameservers to point to HostGator's once my hosting account is completed. After pressing enter HostGator takes me to a page where I'm asked to fill in the normal billing details and also choose my username and password.

Near the bottom of the page is the payment option. HostGator is one of the few large hosts who still take payment via paypal. I find paypal a very convenient way to pay. HostGator also gives you 6 days to pay your hosting fees, unlike most hosts who demand payment straight away. Once you pay the invoice, a message appears saying you will be e-mailed your account details. And true enough, about 5 mins of sending payment via paypal I received the account details in my inbox. Now I'm ready to upload this site.

So all in all a pretty easy signup procedure and very effecient. Activation is instant on payment. A great feature when you need to setup a site quickly.

Welcome to My HostGator Review - 22 December 2007
Well firstly welcome to my HostGator review. A simple search on google reveals many sites with reviews of HostGator, however my site is unique. The reason for this is that most other review sites do not actually hold an account with HostGator. Unlike these sites that "claim" to have a review of HostGator, my site is actually hosted on HostGator servers and every issue, problem, good or bad experience I go through with hostGator in regards to this website will be posted for all to see. I hope to make this the most complete and most informative review of HostGator on the web. Choosing a web host is not easy and is an essential part of setting up a successful website. I know all too well the problems associated with using a crappy host. A bad host results in lost visitors, lost sales, lost loyalty and less profits. So make sure when you're creating your website, you make selecting a host your top priority. In the next post I will detail HostGator's signup process.

Visit HostGator at

Disclosure: This is a professional review site that receives compensation from HostGator should you choose to signup through our website. We have held multiple hosting accounts with HostGator for over 7 years and this review is based on that experience. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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